About Us

Henry Gregory has been dealing in stylish, good quality antiques and decorative objects since 1972.

Henry chooses every item himself using his extensive knowledge and expertise from over 50 years in the antiques business. The stock ranges from Louis Vuitton trunks to a simple plated hip flask. Highlights over the years have been supplying 50 tennis rackets for Harrods Wimbledon Windows and Paddington's suitcase in the 2014 movie. 

With a special team managing the selling headed by his wife Camy. Henry Gregory Antiques supplies interior designers, dealers, movies, collectors and clients all over the world.

Q&A with Henry

How did you get into the business? 

I worked in an Antiques shop when I was a student. I loved the job, the objects, the people and the business. End of story - I became a full time dealer. 

Where do you buy from? 

Antiques fairs and markets all over the country, and from my many contacts in the business. Over the years they’ve been saving me that ‘special item’. I like the objects that I sell; they are beautifully made, wonderful quality and look surprisingly good in a modern home. 

What are your trade secrets? 

The secret as far as I’m concerned is that I’m part of a team. My suppliers, my restorers, my wife Camy, our manager Jess, all playing an equally important role as myself the buyer. 

What keeps driving you on? 

Picture the scene. I’m at an Antiques fair, it’s 5am, it’s cold and it’s just started to rain. What am I doing here? Suddenly a voice out of the darkness says “Morning Henry!”, and I brighten up as one of my chums greets me. A few minutes later my torch shines on a crowded stall, I spot something good, look at it, discuss the price and buy it. It’s going to be a good day and it’s still only 5.15 in the morning. 










About Us